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Personal growth can get uncomfortable. It's a ton of work, and it's a lifelong process. What does this choice mean to you?

           Where our hands fall short of reaching, our words do not.


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Why are we so afraid of being ​alone?

As an attempt to dissuade young women from investing themselves in half-hearted relationships simply because they fear loneliness, I give you this podcast episode about the natural art of separation. I don’t mean to ask the question, “Why are we so afraid of being alone?” as an attack. On the contrary, I want to bring our concept of “alone” to a new light—a time to discover who we are and create meaning in our lives without thinking that our self-worth is tied to our relationships, or the lack of it.

Connect with Community.

Wula na nikamaq—this is who I am connected to because we are so alike. This is community.


For when you feel like nothing you do adds up.

In the southern tip of breathtaking Africa, you will find one of the largest ethnic people called the Zulu. Sowubana is a famous Zulu greeting that translates to “I see you.” I see you with my heart, and your heart sees me. Sowubana, dear reader. I see you quietly working to build yourself, heal, create new paths, and rebuild old ones. On the days you feel like none of what you do adds up, please know someone understands you. Nothing up close makes sense. It’s when we look from afar that we get to see the whole picture.

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