What Gets Us Through Hard Times? Notes On The Work, Creativity, and The Human-ness Of It All

What separates successful people from all the rest?

I’m not limiting the term “successful” to self-made gazillionaires.

If we took money out of the equation, they’d probably still beat the heck out of ninety percent of the population right off the bat.

Take every single thought leader our generation has had the opportunity of knowing—Marie Forleo, Simon Sinek, Brené Brown, Paulo Coelho, what do they have in common?

They did the work. (and still do to this day)

The Work You Do and The Human-ness Of It All

We are as human as humans come, and that means we get our fair share of human experiences—the good and the bad.

What gets us through the hard times isn’t motivation. Not even positivity. It’s acceptance (and a whole lot of faith).

Embrace the human-ness of it all.

The work you do isn’t separate from your humanity.

It’s not a glowing halo of light set on an ivory tower. You don’t have to wait for your best self to show up before you can begin. The work you do is right there, where you make it.

What I ask of you is to show up even when you don’t feel like it because motivation isn’t so much a thing that you find. Instead, it’s a thing you create.