Don’t work under someone else’s timeline. Whenever you think of what you want to become in light of how much you want to prove to other people, you swap long-term growth for short-term gratification.
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Loneliness comes to us all, at some point, when we’re not happy with ourselves or when we feel isolated despite the circle of friends that surround us.
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Growth, real growth, is not about dismissing the pain. It is about transforming the pain into a learning experience. Growth is about welcoming and going through the fullness of the emotions our experiences may elicit from us.
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Can self-love be taught?

Someone once asked me, “Can self-love be taught?” It was one of those questions that made you second guess everything you thought you knew about

by self-doubt?


Why is Self-Care Important?

When is self-care important? When does it play a crucial role in our lives? According to the annals of psychology and every [emotional] breakdown ever,